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    Hi Bob
    First of all, thanks for spending all time to make my downloads to work.
    As stated in previous posts the log-in did not accept my password or username. I have XP Pro and was using Firefox as my web browser. Bob suspected that the pop-up blocker was on, and it was. I tryed to dissable the blocker but unfortunally the problem persist. I desired to change back my browser to MS Explorer and I stopped the blocker and set down the security to trusted sites and I got a little bit further when I could see the download window behind the log-on window. It still told me the password was not correct.
    Bob desired to send me a new set of Unique log in, and after that everything went all smoth and I have now downloaded and backed up ALL videos.
    Thanks Bob for an extra ordinair service excellent!
    I hope you can read my bad english.