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    Hi Clam. take a look at the pic. I replaced both pallets (Watch is Henri Sandoz) a few days ago as one did the same thing as yours only in a jar of rinse water so it was going to come off anyway one day. Glad it didn’t do it in side the watch 😮

    I haven’t cleaned them up yet so there’s a little more shellac on them than I’d like but I’ll get around to it.
    Tokei’s right by the way, you need a some shellack some pegwood a bench lamp or spirit lamp and a pallet warmer which is one of those tools that bob probably has in his shop though lesser mortal have never seen. I bought mine yonks go from a junk sale for around $5 us. Been a real goodsend and great fun learing to do the job as there must be at least 100 pallet stones on my floor! I’d give you a blow by blow account how to do it but I don’t think Bob’s server has a 1000000000teragig hard drive. And if you don’t have the tools a bit pointless really. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t try super/crazy glue or any shuch thing you’ll end up crying 😥

    If you can’t do the job yourself then find a real good watchmaker or maybe someone on here can offer you help or recomend someone?

    It’s a pain I know but as long as you have the stone it only need replacing so not the end of the world. Feels like it though whenit happens. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

    Hey! I just found this. http://mb.nawcc.org/showthread.php?t=38764 good bit of info on here.