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    Hi Bob!

    So this is called a contrate wheel.
    If you think the pictures I posted are looking bad, imagine it before I lift the teeth up!

    Well, even before reading your reply I decided to start something, will make a new wheel.
    First step I used a brass part that was almost the desired size to turn a blank exactly the same dimensions of original wheel:

    Already left a drilled center hole to fit the arbor.

    Second step I made a fly cutter using a broken HSS drill and a clock post to hold it:

    I tested it with a piece of brass sheet and the cut it makes matches almost perfectly with original teeth gap. Some final adjust and finish needed before go to the wheel blank.

    Third step, a divide device to count the 60 teeth.
    Improvisation department activated, I mounted a large 60 teeth gear on a brass tube with center hole matching the wheel blank arbor. Then I used a thick piece of wood to place the tube so it can turn with a little friction, and a click to lock each tooth. (No picture avaiable now, camera batteries discharged…)
    All this will be put together in the lathe and hopefully I will succeed cutting the wheel blank.

    About the links you posted, great stuff! The second one is exactly what I was trying to find – and my memory tricked me, it was not an youtube video… Thank you!