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Bob Tascione

    Hi pkamargo and welcome to the forum!

    Yep that wheel is a mess! Pretty hard to repair as I’m guessing the damage to the teeth is on the side that engages the escape pinion teeth. If not it still going to look really bad. You can repair individual teeth but it’s always been easier for me to cut out a section of three or more teeth, insert a blank which can then be machined and new teeth cut. Making a new contrate wheel isn’t all that difficult but does require some special tooling. Wheel cutting is something I plan to cover in the future but to describe it here would take quite a while. Making a fly cutter is relatively easy also.
    There are a few people out there that cover the subject in detail up on their websites. I believe John Shadle has some info cutting a contrate wheel and csparks I know covers making cutters. I’ll check around their sites and will come back with links to the exact pages. If I’m wrong then I’ll try to find some info for you and will post something up here.

    be back in a bit with something,