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    @pkamargo wrote:

    Hmmm… Cleaning the enamel to disguise hairlines may be some sort of use if you don’t care about item value. The hairlines will still be there and will get visible again as time goes by.
    If you search the net you’ll find some good enamel restorers for the most valuable clock dials. They know how to prepare the dial and put it in the very hot stove. The enamel melts again and cracks and hairlines disappear completely.

    Hi pkamargo. It’s all about experimenting. The enjoyment of trying different ways to solve an age old problem. And I as I said, I only do it with ‘junk’ dials that I find at the markets. I have a few 1915/17 Trench watches with dials that are of good quality and yes, I would send them for professional repair if I needed to though for what I collect I think it would be a little too expensive. Though finding a good dial restorer is not that easy these days as all the old trades are dying off and if anyone out there knows of a ‘Good’ dial restorer in the UK I’d be much obliged for the info as I have a 1940’s Helvetia and a 1950’s Wittnauer that I would love to see in all their glory.

    All the best.