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Bob Tascione

    I’m very sorry to hear about your pending layoff kurtflys. I heard from another member yesterday who also has just been layed off. Down here in Mexico we keep hearing how the U.S. economy is improving and is in “recovery” mode. But having received email after email from members and other friends who are either facing layoffs or are in the midst of one I have to wonder if this “recovery” is a general recovery or just industry specific. Aside from the stock and precious metals markets it sure doesn’t appear to be helping the little guy much. I’m probably wrong but being detached from the U.S. right now, emails and personal reports are what I have to go on. …and from this end of the email box it sure doesn’t appear to be a broad spectrum recovery.

    I hope things turn around for you kurtflys and for all other members being affected by hard times.
    Wishing for better times ahead,