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    Hi Bob. Yep, expensive, though no real alternative over here that I can find as yet? I’ve used lighter fuel many times to clean camera parts but I always feel that it leaves a minute residue? Isopropyl is ok on certain parts (cameras) though obviously any residue on a watch/clock part is unacceptable.
    After reeling from the price shock of Napha I did a quick tour of the material houses over here just to gauge their prices as I’m sure you guys don’t pay through the nose as we do. Anyway: 1 bundle (4) of pith wood approx 25mm x 100mm from my favourite supplier R&N Horological works out at £2.95 or $4.59. 1 bundle (24) of 3mm Peg wood £1.75 or $2.73. Now: certain other houses have the nerve to charge £9.95 or $15.5 for 10 sticks of pith wood and Rodico goes from $3-10.00! Rip off! I can’t find a price for boxwood sawdust as I can’t find any boxwood sawdust as yet and I’ve just run out!

    Anyway. Enough of high finance :D I’ve just finished my eight review of watch 1-5 and no doubt I’ll refer back to them many many times. Staffing was Ace! Not done that yet though I’m much more confident now after watching the video. The tool tips are terrific and you will save us amateurs a fortune and you obviously have an affinity with tools as in the way you don’t hold back or sit on the fence when you say ‘I prefer to use/do it this way’ and then proceed to show us an alternative tool and or direction.

    Any other videos in the pipleline?

    Take care Bob.

    Scott. Enjoying the vids the website and the company.