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    @Bob Tascione wrote:

    Hi Scott,
    Yes by all means post any link any time you feel it will be helpful up here.
    Also the J. Bulova Course is EXCELLENT so please post the link when you have a chance. Well worth the money.
    Have you tried that Grit-O-Kobs (now there’s a name to ponder) yet?
    Thanks Scott!


    The UK company for Grit-O-Kobs the is called ‘Walsh’ and they are a real helpful bunch. Even sent me a refund for a glitch on the VAT charge :D

    As to the Kitty litter :) it works fine. Did a quick test last night on a hair spring from a 60’s Marvin ladies watch (real small) and yes, I can live with it. Guess it’s one of those things where you’re so use to using brand X the brand Y takes a bit of getting use to. Just a shame I live out in the sticks and I don’t have a pro watchmaker near by who I could let try it out just to get a more knowledgeable view. Maybe I’ll send Bob some 8-)

    I bought the J Bulova book from Jeffrey Formby Antiques. Loads of Horological books. Quick service too.