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    Thanks, Bob, for the reply. The tip that boxwood lacks resins explains why it is used.
    I just took a size 18 watch apart and cleaned the parts with acetone in my cheap ebay
    ultrasonic cleaner. Results less than optimal. Still needed to brush them with a very fine
    camel hair artist’s paint brush. I bought a 20X stereo microscope. VERY happy with it !
    Indespensible ! There was still goop and bits of rust on the gears. Still gunk in the pivot
    holes. I have it back together now and am watching it run. The balance swings effortlessly now !
    This movement is 115 years old ! # 7510586. It took HOURS to manipulate the gears to fit
    back into the pivot holes in the top plate !!!! Have any tips about that ? Or is it just part of
    the experience ? Gotta get a case for it now. The dial is perfect !
    Got it for 99 cents on ebay ($15 shipping). More tinkering needed maybe to calibrate.

    Got new wheels, a truck.

    Thanks for everything you’ve done to help novices like me !
    Tip for polishing old crystals: Bought cerium powder. Patiens and lots of rubbing !

    Oh, a warning about cheap ultra sonic cleaners.. Mine has a stainless steel pan but otherwise is
    made out of plastic. Rubbing alcohol has partially deformed the lid. Acetone melts plastic FAST.
    These aren’t meant for serious cleaning agents ! But I knew this and accepted the risks.
    Please, novices out there, post your successes and failures ! Be well, all ….