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    Just grasshopper here. Concerning oiling watches. A while ago I mentioned that I was using mineral oil
    to lube these old pocketwatch movements. I read here, somewhere, that it oxidizes and goes rancid.
    Point taken. Don’t know about the long time stability of mineral oil but It’s not a permanent fix.
    It got my new ebay Riverside to work temporarily so I could evaluate running issues before cleaning.
    But it’s viscous ! Heating up the movement with a hair dryer made a big difference in balance swing !
    So.. bought watch oil (ebay). Getting to realize that proper procedures, time-tested, can’t be fiddled with.
    6539938 16 size Riverside is happily ticking after so many years of neglect and abuse !
    1893 ! How something SO fragile could survive for that long is one of the things why I delve into this hobby.
    The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know !