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    Waltham Watches- these are what I am focusing on, slowly I have be accumlating the tools and parts to start repairing and building a collection. No plans on selling any of my “projects” just truely enjoy the history and workmanship that goes into these older watches. Right now I have a few 1890’s and about 30 early 1900’s pickups off ebay. They are simply pieces of art that keep time.

    Mineral Oil is organic and tends to go rancid and sticky as it dries, so I would stay away from it.

    Soon I will be putting up a website with information on Waltham watches, http://www.walthamwatchinfo.com the only intent is to provide “Free” information, I have purchased several archival docments on Waltham Watches, and I am still looking for more as I want to provide a one stop location for service and parts information for Waltham Watches.