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Bob Tascione

    A happy new year to you too clam71!

    Stereo microscopes a great. I wasn’t aware you could pick them up at that price. I’ll check that one out.

    As for the parts flying all over the place I’m still giving serious thought to setting my tools up and working on the floor and using the bench for catching my parts! Might be easier. Maybe having good, flexible knees for crawling around on all fours should be on the requirements list for becoming a good watchmaker…along with lot’s of patience. I should include that recommendation in the course!

    I’m not sure about mineral oil being thin enough or not and actually know zero about it but I do highly recommend using oil made for watches. Watch oil is made “not to run” all over the movement. It tends to stay in place. Maybe others here have had some experience with mineral oil…I’ve never tried it but my guess is that it’s probably not suitable for watches.

    Enjoy the new year Clam71 and thanks for being up here,