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    Hi all (& Bob), My 1st post here. Tips and questions. Got some cerium powder (glass polish) on ebay. GREAT for polishing glass and metal.
    Also bought (ebay) a stereo microscope . Doma model 210. 20X power. Perfect ! Astounding optics for a $70 student thing ! Built-in LED sux though.
    Also have an ultrasonic cleaner on the way. We’ll see how well it works. I dis assembled a parts watch (ebay again) A waltham size 12 movement.
    Cleaned it up as best I could. Staff is intact ! It’s SO COOL to actually SEE the jewels !!! I’m happy with my cleaning and now will attempt to re-assemble
    it. Question… Is mineral oil thin and durable enough to lube the staff and pallet fork mech ? If not, then ??? Anything “off the shelf” ?
    Tip…Somewhere in my kitchen is a part of the mainspring assembly. It went sailing as I took it apart. Next time I’ll sourround it with a plastic bag !!!
    I can hear Bob chuckling…My first beer making attempt was similar.. Watch the pot just before the wort boils. It blew up all over the place ! Sticky mess !
    Also, I’ve found that a thin copper wire with a tiny hook bent to it’s end is perfect for moving those very small parts without damaging them.
    I’m diabetic with the shaky hands. It’s tough to handle tiny delicate stuff ! Any tool I can invent to help…..
    To all here, God bless and happy holidays !