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    Samspade: Thanks for the instructive and very amusing essay on ultrasonic
    cleaners. I’ve been using regular rubbing alcohol in my cheapie.
    Very nice results. No basket– just lay ’em on the pan floor.
    This watch tinkering stuff is new for me so I have a note folder and
    log my screwups. Here’s the latest. If you ARE inclined to try alcolol,
    don’t make the mistake I just made. I left the parts to soak 1 day and
    a half ’till I could finish my cleaning. BIG boo-boo !
    Rubbing alcohol is 30 % water (who knew–tongue-in cheek) and steel parts began to
    RUST ! Also, don’t dry your parts on napkins or paper towels.
    LOADED WITH LINT. Oh, alcohol WILL melt the lexan lid on your cheapie US cleaner.
    Acetone works very well too- same caution.. DON’T SMOKE NEAR IT unless you want
    a really intersting perm ! Also, had a jewel fall off a pallate fork. Don’t know if it was
    ready to fall off anyway. Clues ? Micro-surgery to re-attach it !

    Thanks again, samspade !

    Looking forward to your tweezer tutorial !