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    Sorry to post a lot… Update tonight.. U-cleaner. Cheap UC does a respectable job without plastic basket.
    Parts just sitting on the base of the stainless steel floor with rubbing alcohol as the cleaning agent.
    I’m getting happier with it. But I need to make slings to suspend parts with tiny pivots.
    Don’t want those fragile areas bouncing on the steel floor of the pan !
    The big parts clean very well and the jewels are spotless !
    The balance wheel with hairspring, staff, etc and the pallate fork and escape wheel are my concerns.
    All else is fairly tough except for the second hand wheel gear. Tiny LONG FRAGILE stem that spins the second hand.
    Have to dry (hair dryer works) and wrap and put away. Make slings tomorrow. Necessity is the mother of invention !
    I’m relating to pocket watches.
    To all, have a happy holiday and a blessed new yew year.