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Bob Tascione

    Great to see you up here Kathy!
    My personal feeling towards cleaning the case inside and out has always been Do It. Many customers don’t really have much interest in what we do inside a timepiece…they just want it to run well, know that it’s been serviced and to look good. All they really see is the outside. Most of the time I don’t think they would even notice that it was dirty when you give it back to them but they ALWAYS notice when it’s been cleaned and polished! It also wouldn’t give me much satisfaction to repair or restore a clock or watch movement and then put it back into a dirty case. Just wouldn’t feel like the job was finished. What they see on the outside tells them how much pride you take in your work and I would think anyone who takes pride in their repair work would automatically consider the case part of the job.
    But…a few words of caution here. It’s important NOT to restore the case. Cleaning and using a mild furniture polish in most cases is more than acceptable. Stripping and refinishing a case should never be done without the customers asking or at least their approval. Many times the value of a timepiece can be compromised if it’s “age” is removed. Removing dirt isn’t removing age really…it’s just removing dirt. Removing a finish can be..it must be done correctly by someone who understands this type of work.
    When I was doing retail work I always handed a timepiece (clock or watch) back to the customer with a polishing cloth in my hand. Even though I had already buffed the case on a machine (watches) I still would polish it with the cloth before handing it back. In my opinon this tells them two things, 1: You care about them and their timepiece and just as important, 2: They should also care about it. It’s kind of like transfering the “pride” over to them at the counter.

    Just my opinion Kathy…others may feel differently or have better methods but I just go by the smile on the customers face. Works for me!