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Bob Tascione

    Hi John,
    I like the American System. It’s the least expensive of the three bushing systems. It uses the same size reamers and bushings as the KWM. The American system doesn’t offer as many different sizes as KWM but you can always fill in the size gaps with KWM bushings. Also I believe the American Bushings are the hardest of the three.

    KWM is great but more expensive. Really good size selection though.

    Bergeon offers great quality but is the most costly of the three. Offers the best range of outside diameters which is handy when removing as little brass from the plates is critical. KWM reamers won’t work with this system.

    All in all the American System can save a lot of money if you’re doing a lot of bushings. It adds up pretty fast.

    Hope this helps John,