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    Hey derekas, Your gravers can be all shapes and sizes, the idea of the diamond tip is to get the trailing edge of the graver away from the work, some will be pointier than others depending on what type of cut you are trying to accomplish, if turning a balance staff for instance a longer tip can help cut the grove for the riveting of the balance, a graver can be rounded a bit at the nose to aid in cutting the slope to the pivot, yet you have to make sure the nose also is beveled away from the work. my opinion is that the angle does not have to be at an exact measurement but to little and cutting can be more difficult and to much will weaken the graver. Hope this helps some, if you can try some different ideas and shapes of gravers for practice, as Bob would say, “just try it” use brass or aluminum for easier cutting and you will be an expert in a short period of time, keep on keepin on, William