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    Bob thanks for the feedback.
    It would be nice if this forum could be a second (smaller) NAWCC style board.
    Interesting info on the gravers.
    I started out using carbide gravers (1/8″ square).
    The first one I ground to a pretty sharp angle a second one had a larger angle.
    I feel the second one cuts much nicer than the first. I guess because the cutting edge is not so aggresive.
    Recently I took an old carbon steel square needle file, annealed it, filed away the grooves and hardened the tip.
    I must say it really cuts smooth. Btw I hardened about 1/2″ at the tip and didn’t temper it at all. It hasen’t broken yet so I guess I’ll leave it that way.
    It is smaller, about 2 mm square.
    There is one nice little development though. I just received a couple of 3M diamond honing sheets. WOW!!!
    They are 6, 3 and 0.1 micron. I haven’t even tried the last two yet. The 6 leaves a MIRROR finish on the carbide gravers. It cuts fingernails like butter.
    I’ll test the edge on the lathe tonight.
    I’ve seen most square gravers ground with a diamond shape but I’ve also seen some square ones ground at an angle but at 90┬░to one of the sides. It resembles a wood chisel tip. When would you need that type?
    Where do you get your graver blanks?
    Yes the lathe is addictive!!! One problem is the chip production and cleanup after that. I clean and lightly grease after every session.
    Anyway those are some of the things I’ve come across. Hope more people add their thoughts.