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    What you can do to gain a vast amount of knowledge with next to no risk. Is to purchase a group of mechanical watches that are broken or just cheap qaulity you can find item lots like these on the internet for very cheap. This along with books and bobs course is how ive learned what I know. But dont let anyone tell you that you shouldnt be fiddeling around with watch movements when you dont know what you are doing. Because this is how you learn. I broke probably about 10 or 12 watches before I even figured out how to disassemble them and clean/oil them correctly. So you should save your higher end watches you are afraid to work on until you are confident you can do so (unless in need of immediate repair). I have a Waltham Vangaurd 23j rail road pocket watch it is the prized piece in my collection and was handed down 3 generations from my great grand father who was a watchmaker himself. I finally got up the confidence to dis assemble the movement a few days ago. So just put in a little time and effort and you will be repairing your own watches in no time. :mrgreen: