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    Ok Guys, This was the problem. I decided to retrace the power back to the mainspring. I removed the pallat bridge and pallet fork. I slightly wound the mainspring. To my surprise 😯 , NO power. I began to loosen the mainspring bridge plate. After loosening the second screw, the wheels began spinning. I removed the mainspring barrel and placed it on a bench block with the arbor in a hole. The mainspring barrel was not level :?: . I opened the barrel and found that the tab on the mainspring tongue was not in position over the slot, therefore causing the barrel cap to not close all the way. I repositioned the mainspring with the tabs in position through the slots. When I replaced the mainspring barrel and the bridge plate, I gave the stem a little spin and BINGO 😮 . The train is working perfectly. Problem Solved. :D Moral of the story is: Do things properly the first time and you won’t have to stress and drive yourself nuts trying to figure things out. Keep your head in the game. Ric