Silver Clock & Watch Biz Report 5

  There are many different forms of advertising but some just work better and are more cost effective for a service type business than others and some that worked well many years ago no longer … Read more

Silver Clock & Watch Biz Report 4

Today we’ll begin covering ways to acquire repair work. I’ll cover some of the different ways I’ve brought in work in the past as well as some venues a few clock and watchmaker friends used … Read more

Clock & Watch Biz Report 3 Silver

I started to write about the many different ways you can bring in repair work but after putting down a couple of sentences I realized that I had forgotten to cover a most important subject, … Read more

Silver Clock & Watch Business Report 2

Today we will address the second question on the list: When will I know it’s safe to begin repairing for others? As I mentioned in yesterdays report, most clock and watchmakers that have been repairing … Read more