Fusee Pocket Watch

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Verge Fusee pocket watch : Video Slide show of a common English Verge Fusee pocket watch. The sound comes in later into the video. Listen to the unique ‘tick’ of the verge fusee pocket watch escapement. These pre-mass production watches were clear and beautiful examples of the machining abilities of our ancestral watchmakers. Incredible abilities and craftsmanship learned through an intense and carefully monitored apprenticeship program. The silver pair case was commonly used on these verge fusee pocket watches. The pair case consists of an inner case in which the movement is mounted and an outer ‘protective’ case into which the inner case fit snugly. This outer case protected the watch to some extent from shock and helped keep dust from entering into the verge fusee watch movement through the winding key hole which is almost always in the back of the inner case on English watches. This being in contrast to key hole winding from the dial side which was common with French etc. watches produced during the same period.

Here’s an explanation of how the verge escapement functions in a verge fusee pocket watch.

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