Detente Chronometer Animation Nice demo animation of the detente chronometer escapement in action.
Flying tourbillon model used for demo.
Beautiful Swiss lever escapement animation in action. The Swiss lever escapement has been the norm for mechanical watches for more than 150 years.
Demo of duplex escapement using open model.
Great demo of George Daniels Co-Axial escapement using an open, running model.
Demo of co-axial escapement used in Omega. Design by George Daniels.
Short clip of cylinder escapement in motion.
Good close up action of cylinder escapement. Upper section of cylinder and balance bridge removed for unobstructed view.
Great demo of a detent chronometer escapement.
Verge Fusee pocket watch : Video Slide show of a common English Verge Fusee pocket watch. The sound comes in later into the video. Listen to the unique ‘tick’ of the verge fusee pocket watch escapement. These pre-mass production watches were clear and beautiful examples of the machining abilities of our ancestral watchmakers. Incredible abilities and craftsmanship learned through an intense and carefully monitored apprenticeship program. The silver pair case was commonly used on these verge fusee pocket watches. The pair case consists of an inner case in which the movement is mounted and an outer ‘protective’ case into which [More]
Repair of a English Verge fusee pocket watch in silver pair case made in London. These antique fusee watches are still fairly easy to find at affordable prices but are becoming  highly collectible so grab one while you still can.
Good video of an Earnshaw Chronometer escapement in action. This highly accurate and popular chronometer escapement has found its way into high quality watches. carriage, skeleton and other clocks and many ships chronometers and remains one of the most accurate escapements of all time.  Earnshaw’s escapement encompasses the detent  which he modified into a spring detent rather than pivoted detent.  Although his employer patented the spring detent Thomas Earnshaw is credited as being the designer of this improvement.  It has become the most used escapement in marine ships chronometers and is beautiful to watch in action.  It’s well known as [More]