Video of a Mark2 watchmakers ultrasonic watch cleaning machine. These machines do a good job even without have any mechanical agitating function.
Demo of L&R Tempo 400 Ultrasonic Watch Cleaning Machines. These are good, smooth running automatic machines making watch movement cleaning a breeze. The second machine is equipped with spin-off delay which is shown in action during the second part (about 3:49) of the video. Spin-off will help make rinse solution go much further before becoming contaminated.
L&R Varimatic Watch Cleaning Machine Here’s a good video of an older L&R Varimatic watch cleaning machine in action. These watch cleaning machines are still popular and are absolute work horses when it comes to production work. When viewing the video listen to how quiet and smooth the cleaning machine is once the operator turns the ultrasonic function off. The ultrasonic is noisy which is normal with most watch cleaning machines. These watch cleaning machines can still be found at reasonable prices but be aware that they are often in need of some repair and adjustment which due to their [More]
Mark Lovick demonstrates how to use a simple mechanical watch cleaning machine.