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Striking Mechanisms | Best Clock Repair Video Collection
Rack-and-Snail Strike In this video Trevor Murphy shows a functioning rack-and-snail strike on a beautiful E. Howard and Co. tower clock. This tower clock Howard and co. tower clock movement uses 350 lbs. of weight to run the strike train! Learn about the self correcting benefits of the rack-snail over the count-wheel-strike. For a great explanation of rack-and-pinion design theory and how to repair a clock with a rack-snail mechanism check out Mark Headrick’s article covering the rack-and-snail strike at his website Abbey Clock hereRack-and-Snail Mark covers rack-snail strike in depth at his site. If you liked this video please give [More]
Count wheel strike Animation showing how the count wheel strike works. This robust and highly dependable strike has found it’s place in horological history. Although not a self correcting strike it’s found in many popular clocks throughout the world.
Count Wheel Striking Video of count wheel striking hour and half hour in a French clock movement. This proven time and strike mechanism can be found in many antique French movements.