Another beautiful and informative animation by Ken Kuo showing the entry angle, escapement angle, exit angle and much more for a John Harrison grasshopper escapement with a 120 tooth escape wheel. This animation shows Harrisons single pivot grasshopper escapement in action. Hermle Clock Course
Animation of strip pallet recoil escapement. A very inexpensive but effective pallet shaped by bending a strip of steel into the shape shown in the video produced a strong running and dependable recoil escapement. The strip pallet recoil escapement was commonly seen on the most popular affordable clocks. Proving itself a dependable, tough and worthy addition to horology in addition to ease of manufacturing the strip pallet found it’s way into the American clock market making it the most common household escapement ever produced. 
Another well thought out animation by Ken Kuo of a verge crown wheel escapement with foloit.
Nice video of homemade clock. Good demo of verge with foliot.
Good video of verge escapement in clock circa 1780.
Close up action of a verge escapement in an Austrian Clock Movement. Video by Bill Stoddard.
Another helpful animation by Ken Kuo showing the six-legged gravity escapement. Note that impulse occurs once every two pendulum beats.
Same as the four-legged gravity escapement with square block impulse but with impulse pins.
Nice animation of a four legged gravity escapement using square block impulse.
Good close up of Seth Thomas 86 with dead beat escapement.
Clear demo of grasshopper escapement using open model.
Nice animation of John Harrison’s Grasshopper Escapement
Bill Stoddard showing how to adjust recoil escapement excessive entrance pallet drop on a Birge, Peck & Co., shelf clock: 1850 to 1855.